Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take before I receive my new sight after it is ordered?
Why isn't my dot round or why is it fuzzy?
Where do I mail my warranty card?
What type of battery does the Ultradot use?
Do you ship outside the US?
Will the Ultradot mount on my weapon?
How do the Ultradot L/T and Pan AV mount?
What is the minimum distance required between the rings (inside to inside) for the Ultradot to fit?
We often ship within a busines day of receipt of payment and use USPS Priority Mail. This service usually only takes 3-5 days to arrive anywhere in the US from the day it was shipped. A safe estimate would be a total of one week.
Send your warranty card to: Ultradot Warranty Service PO Box 372, Yankeetown, FL 34498
All Ultradots use the same 3 volt lithium battery #CR2032.
No. We currently do not ship outside the U.S.
The mounting rings that are supplied with your sight require a Weaver style base to attach to. You can however, use any style rings you choose as long as the diameter matches the sights. Either 25.4 or 30mm.
Ultradot 25 (1 3/4"), 30mm (1 7/8"), FOUR Dot 1" (2 1/4"), FOUR Dot 30mm / Matchdot (2 1/4").
This usually indicates an astigmatism problem. Even with 20/20 vision, you may still have an astigmatism. Glasses will also cause problems with the dots clarity and shape. Try different powered glasses to determine if this is what is causing imaging problems. Incorrect brightness settings will also cause the dot to flare. Always start with the lowest brightnest setting first and then turn up until you reach the desired level of brightness and a clear shape. If it starts to distort, turn the knob back down.
Please bear in mind, multiple dots, poor dot clarity or irregular shaped dots are rarely caused by the sight itself. The majority of issues of this nature are caused by: Poor user vision, glasses, readers, bifocals, trifocals or incorrect brightness settings. The dot is formed by an LED shining through an aperture onto a mirror, the mirror passes everything but the red light. There are no wearing parts that would change the dot.
The Ultradot L/T and Pan AV have a built in "Weaver" style clamping system.
What is the life expectancy of the battery?
This will vary greatly depending on user habits. If you turn it on and off each time you use it, the battery should last all season.
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Ultradot 25
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Why doesn't the windage and elevation locking screw work on my Pan AV?
The packaging artwork on the Pan AV has some incorrect information on it. Please see the following link for detailed instruction and corrected images.
Pan AV Installation Information
The rings should be placed as close to the center of the body of the scope as possible. Ideally, you should have the ring closest to your eye butted up against the sights center housing. This will help to prevent the sight from moving. Be sure to tighten the bottom screw before the top screw and never place the rings directly around the lenses. Tightening the rings when placed in this manner may cause the lens to break. This is not covered by warranty.
Where should the mounting rings be placed?
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